PRLog (Press Release)May 24, 2013BROOKLYN, N.Y.There are Basic Security measures that everyone should implement in the home that can help keep you safe, but most people disregard. Without speculation I can say that as a licensed locksmith in Brooklyn, New York and owner of one of the premier Brooklyn Locksmith companies on the east coast, that 99% of homeowners and renters have less then adequate security.  The security measures that they do incorporate are less then ineffective in deterring crime and can be very dangerous as most people have a false sense of confidence when they lock their doors. The reality is that unless proper security precautions are in place, you are exposed and at risk to a variety of uncomfortable and in some cases unforgiving circumstances. These circumstances can be as simple as a theft or as serious as a home invasion, which entails a robbery when people are present in the home.

Security is like the stock market as there are no guarantees. Any Brooklyn Locksmith or security professional that says he or she can guarantee your safety should be asked to leave immediately as they are probably trying to make a sale with no regard to your safety and protection. As a people we are always exposed to unsafe environments and circumstances. From driving your car to crossing the street we are always at risk, but with the proper precautions in place we can lower our chances of getting hurt or being victimized.

Good security starts with good Locks. This is the most basic concept in security for your home or business and should be implemented at all times. It is a minor investment and can save your life. It is also the first change a person should make when occupying a new space so I suggest investing in good locks.

Locks and Locksets fall into several categories two of the most popular and widely used are Standard security locks and High security locks. Standard Locks offer no protection against lock picking or manipulation and provide little resistance to lock drilling. When installing locks and security products our goal is to protect our valuables and to keep us safe!  I am a firm believer in statistics and have many years of experience as a licensed locksmith in Brooklyn, NY which enables me to say that good locks play a strong role in preventing crime. Not only do good locks deter most criminals from an attempt to break into your home but they create difficulty and with that we create more confusion which in essence will create a greater gap in time from start to finish, which exposes the perpetrator and the chances of getting caught.

It is a fact that most people are satisfied with their current security situation and feel that their current locks keep them safe because they are of good quality. Quality craftsmanship has no bearing on the security that your locks provide therefore expensive locksets will offer little or no extra security. They are for decorative purposes and this should not be misunderstood.

You may feel that you have good locks because of the price or the brand. Unfortunately that is not what keeps us safe. If you have not been victimized it is probably because their have been no attempts to forcefully gain entry to the property.

Our Locksmith service in  Brooklyn would like the opportunity to help keep you and your family safe, which is why we will be giving away a Free Hi Definition Surveillance Camera with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and a Multi Lock High Security Dead Bolt.

To register just visit our site and fill out our contact form.  In your message please write a brief description as to why you feel you are best suited to win a free surveillance camera and high security lock. All applicants’ messages will be reviewed to determine who has the best story. If we deem your story the best you will be notified and the merchandise will be shipped to your door.

You have a 1 in 10,000 chance in winning, as we will only enter the first 10,000 visitors.

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