Locks and Security For Commercial Use

Commercial Locksmith services are an essential part of any locksmith company that plans on servicing Brooklyn, New York. Commercial Locksmiths are trained in many aspects of security ranging from locks and panic bars to security through electro and biometric technology. A good commercial locksmith is familiar with building ordinances for the city that they service as, this is an important aspect any security technicians job. The wrong lock device can cause injuries and fines.

Knowledge of panic devices and the functions that they incorporate is an area that a commercial Locksmith in Brooklyn, must comprehend.

There are many types of devices all with specific functions. Some act as exits for fire escapes and others act as alarms that work in conjunction with fire exit devices.

Office buildings are a prime example of why the services of a commercial locksmith are in need. Locks and doorknobs are just the basics as an extensive knowledge of doors an door closers is a must. These doors must be serviced and sometimes rehung all this must be accounted for when installing and repairing new and existing doors.

Some of the services we provide are the installation of locks and doors for interior and exterior use.

Magnetic locks that incorporate electricity and a magnet to secure the door. There are different types with many resistance levels depending on the level of security that is needed.  They are usually applied to store fronts or office space as well as buildings that have a high security level and issues with standard locks.